"Financial Flexibility through Real Estate Investing"


"Financial Flexibility through Real Estate Investing"

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Dr G and Kevin - Weath Empowers

Why we do what we do

OUR PURPOSE is to give hope to the average person with the truth that they can create a new financial future through real estate investing and business ownership.

OUR PASSION is to bring value to others that will enable them to change their family’s financial heritage and allow them to enjoy a life of independence and true freedom. We know by doing so, they can embrace a life of joy, happiness and fulfillment.

OUR PATHWAY is Renatus, the premier Real Estate Investing Education service in America. Renatus is a latin term for “rebirth”. The Renatus system is simple to employ, easy to assimilate and rewarding to experience.

The majority of Americans are living pay check to pay check with little or no savings for their security and future. Renatus is the only Real Estate Education service in America that pays it’s students to earn while they learn.

How we do what we do

We host weekly and monthly events in Scottsdale, AZ and through out the valley. You can email us with your contact information to reserve your free seat to our next event.

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DISCLAIMER: Dr. G and Kevin are Independent Contracted Marketers and are contracted with Renatus LLC to provide marketing services for their educational services offerings. They do their best to represent this offering truthfully and accurately. As independent contractors they cannot bind or act with authority for Renatus LLC. There are no guarantees of income or success. Some participants have made more, some have made less, and some have made nothing at all. Individual results are based on effort.